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Note: I strongly recommend you take your car to your local dealer with this information if you believe it applies to your vehicle. Attempts to repair it yourself could VOID your warranty.

Stu in Georgia wrote that early PT Cruisers can have excessive oil consumption with a large blue cloud of smoke may appear on cold startup. Other symptoms include oil in the PCV hose and intake plenum - if you pull the PCV hose off of the nipple that is molded into the plenum, oil will drip out of both the hose and the nipple.

The cause: the valve cover is different from the other 2.4 liter engines (in minivans and cloud cars) because its PCV oil splash baffle must be oil-tight. If a valve cover not designed for the Cruiser is used, oil will get sucked into the PCV valve. It cannot be modified to work! Here are the part numbers of the correct valve cover (replacing it requires removing the intake plenum):

4777473AB Cover-Cylinder Head
4777478 Gasket-Valve Cover
4777873AB Gasket-Intake Manifold
Clean the spark plugs and intake plenum to eliminate leftover oil while the engine is apart. (should not affect any new PTs)

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