PT Cruiser oil consumption problems. Buy a PT Cruiser ?
PT Cruiser burns oil
*Is a NEW Chrysler PT Cruiser that consumes at least a quart or more of oil every 1,000 miles acceptable?
*Ferman Automotive Service Dept. stated that one quart of oil consumed every 1,000 miles  is acceptable oil consumption

*Does your Chrysler suffer from a excessive oil consumption problem they do not know how to repair?
Important Note: All vehicles with the same or similar engine as the PT Cruiser may suffer from the same oil consumption problems

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My PT Cruiser Problems Story:
Also see my service records for regular updates and details

I purchased my 2002 PT Cruiser Touring Limited on 5/20/2002 with only 4,780 miles from:

Ferman Automotive
11025 North Florida Ave.
Tampa, FL United States 33612
Salesman: Rick Martino Service Rep: Eric Flannigan;
Service Mgr: Chris Weatley; Service Director:
Chris Teall

 My PT Cruiser excessive oil consumption problem was discovered about the time of the first oil change. It consumed about one quart of oil every 500 miles. The first actual attempt at repair Ferman made was to replace the valve cover gasket, this failed.

The second repair attempt was replacing the engine they told me. They only replaced the short block, and this also failed.

I sent a vehicle defect notification to the manufacture and one to the state to start the lemon law process. The Chrysler Corporate office sent the regional lead technician to oversee the last repair attempt. Ferman tore down the engine and informed me that they found nine bad valve seals. Ferman replaced the entire head. They also replaced the valve cover, there is a issue with some 2001 model Pt Cruisers have a defective valve cover that causes the PCV valve to suck in oil. One day while driving the check oil light came on briefly after an abrupt stop, I had only driven 370 miles since the repair by Ferman. I checked the oil level to find it consumed a quart of oil!

I located and contacted the previous owner Mr. Bennett on 4/13/2003. I found out that he had purchased the PT Cruiser at Ferman Automotive brand new. Mr. Bennett had the exact same oil consumption issues. After several failed repair attempts (vehicle was torn down to the head which was replaced) and continued contact with the Chrysler corporate office Mr. Bennett was contacted by Ferman whom initiated the exchange of a new vehicle for the defective one. Ferman gave Mr. Bennett his choice of new PT Cruiser from the new car lot. Mr. Bennett chose a 2002 Woody which cost 1k more then the original purchase price of his vehicle. Ferman handled the paperwork this was all done without any cost to Mr. Bennett. Mr. Bennett also states he was informed the vehicle would be sent back to the manufacture for repair and not resold by Ferman. This obviously did not happen since I ended up with the vehicle.

I would not have purchased the vehicle had I known it's history. Would you have bought it?

I contacted Ferman and the Chrysler corporate office informing of this matter. The Chrysler corporate office informed me that the lemon law does not apply to my vehicle even though it had such low miles on it at purchase time since it was sold as used.

The  Ferman Automotive Service Dept. had me come in and once again took note of the oil level it had consumed then filled it with oil.

I have done research online to find that I am not the only one with oil consumption issues with the PT Cruiser. There are many others struggling with their Chrysler dealers on this same issue. Some owners do not have as severe an oil consumption problem as my vehicle; however I am definitely not the only one. There is also a secondary issue with the A/C. The A/C has a persistent mildew odor that the Ferman Automotive Service Dept. has not resolved. They have treated the A/C with an anti-mildew agent several times yet it still returns. I and many others suffer with trying to resolve the mildew odor problem also.

I know there are a lot of happy PT Cruiser owners and enthusiast. I just want to be able to say I am one too but until this is resolved I can not. The previous owner is happy with his replacement PT Cruiser and has no problems like many other owners. However there are at least 1,500 other owners in the same boat I am in that need to have this problem resolved. Obviously in my opinion there was run of defective PT Cruisers  from the assembly line. If your PT Cruiser suffers from the same oil consumption or A/C odor problems.

Thank you for you time.

P.S. I Strongly recommend that you take a look at all the sites in my links area for more valuable PT Cruiser and Chrysler information.

Shawn Chastain

See all my service records

PT Cruiser oil consumption problems. Buy a PT Cruiser ?

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