PT Cruiser Service Problems
PT Cruiser burns oil
*Is a NEW Chrysler PT Cruiser that consumes at least a quart or more of oil every 1,000 miles acceptable?
*Ferman Automotive Service Dept. stated that one quart of oil consumed every 1,000 miles  is acceptable oil consumption

*Does your Chrysler suffer from a excessive oil consumption problem they do not know how to repair?
Important Note: All vehicles with the same or similar engine as the PT Cruiser may suffer from the same oil consumption problems
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PT Cruiser Service Problems Record

8/26/03 (view actual Record)
16,921 miles, After driving exactly 599 miles since my oil change I visited the dealer to check the oil level. As you can see on the invoice it stats the oil level dropped to 4 diamonds above the lower line of the full zone on the dipstick which is basically over 2/3 a quart low in 599 miles! So the saga continues... I will be back to the dealer after driving 400-500 miles to see where the oil level is at then.

7/29/03 (view actual Record)
16,322 miles, went in for an oil change to keep vehicle properly maintained. Chris Teall Ferman's service director was assigned to my case by Chrysler. Chris Teall checked my oil level on the service drive while I recorded it with my camera. The oil level appeared 1/3qt low or as he stated 2/3 from the bottom. He drove my car back to the service with me. They checked the oil level again after it had been running with the A/C full blast in 90 degree weather while I waited for Chris to gather his paperwork together, the oil level was about two and a half hash marks below full. I contested that the vehicle was hot and needed at least 5 minutes to cool according to the owners manual. They waited a short while and checked it again and it was just about the same. However it had only been 250 miles since I was last in. I am of the opinion the oil level should not move noticeably in that short a period of mileage. Chris Teall stated he feels the issue has been resolved even with the results of the previous consumption test. So once again I am continuing an oil consumption test.

7/15/03 (view actual Record)
16,071 miles, received a revised service record with a note on the back of my service rep's card stating that the head service manager Chris Teall wanted notes added to my record. Once you compare the record below with this one above the added statement makes no sense to me. Stating it is normal for oil levels to drop when topped off? If that is correct then, are all the oil consumption tests I have been through pointless data? How come bad valve seals/stems were found with this rate of consumption last time? I am confused, are you?

7/14/03 (view actual Record)
16,071 miles 2/3qt low on oil; added UV dye to trace any possible oil leaks since none are visible. Sam Wade my Chrysler Regional Zone Rep returned my call after leaving a message informing her that my car was still consuming oil outside the stated maximum acceptable rate of 1qt per 1k miles. She stated that Chris Weatley told her my vehicle was consuming oil in an acceptable range. I asked for this in writing that my oil consumption rate was acceptable to Chrysler she refused, Sam Wade continued to inform me that as far as she is concerned that my vehicle is repaired and within tolerance range for oil consumption, and the extensive oil tests prove this. I however personally disagree with this assessment since, the last time the oil was consumed at this rate they found nine bad valve stems/seals.

6/13/03 (view actual Record)
15,438 miles Over 1qt low on oil; they found a dent in the oil filter from an oil wrench and called it tampering even though the paint marks they put on had not moved. Also they are the only ones ever to even touch the oil filter; continue oil consumption test.

5/20/03 (view actual Record)
14,893 miles 1/3qt low; continue oil consumption test.

5/12/03 (view actual Record)
13,919 miles 1/3qt low; continue oil consumption test.

4/14/03 (view actual Record)
13,212 miles 1qt low after 370 miles oil light came on
 for moment at an abrupt stop; continue oil consumption test.

3/27/03 (view actual Record) 1 2 Chrysler Letter, State Defect Notification
12,842 miles Sam Wade Chrysler Regional Zone Rep assigned to case. Repair date set with lead region mechanic head replaced after finding nine bad valve stems; also replaced valve cover to cover a possible TSB relating to oil consumption. Coated A/C with anti mildew agent. Continue oil consumption test.

3/04/03 (view actual Record)
12,371 miles 1qt low; continue oil consumption test.

1/10/03 (view actual Record) 1 2
11,295 miles 1qt per 500 miles; piston rings not sealing replaced short block. Coated A/C with anti mildew agent. Continue oil consumption test.

11/11/02 (view actual Record)
9994 miles 2/3 low after 646 miles; continue oil consumption test.

10/16/02 (view actual Record) 1 2
9348 miles replaced valve cover gasket; oil changed; Coated A/C with anti mildew agent; continue oil consumption test.

9/18/02 (view actual Record) 1 2
8688 miles poor gas mileage & power complaint ordered parts for valve cover; performed recall repair.

7/21/02 (view actual Record)
6590 miles Oil changed at Xpress Lube

purchased PT Cruiser Touring Limited 4,780 miles

Prior Owner Service History
Owned: 02/01/2002 05/17/2002 repair attempts failed: engine torn down to the head, head was replaced. Mr. Bennett was contacted by Ferman whom initiated the exchange of a new vehicle for the defective one. Ferman gave Mr. Bennett his choice of new PT Cruiser from the new car lot. Mr. Bennett chose a 2002 Woody which cost 1k more then the original purchase price of his vehicle. Ferman handled the paperwork this was done without any cost to Mr. Bennett. Mr. Bennett also states he was informed the vehicle would be sent back to the manufacture for repair and not resold by Ferman.

PT Cruiser oil consumption, A/C problems, or other serious issues.

PT Cruiser Service Problems

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